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Dark Horse Health and Wellness is a premier wellness and Grooming Company. Since 2010, the company is devoted to assisting people look, feel and perform better. Business goals, personal relationships and over all well-being can be improved through looking, feeling and performing at your peak of potential.

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Lifestyle, Attitude, Exercise and Nutrition Coaching

Wellness Products

Wellness Coaching

Our certified wellness program offers our clients access to cutting edge Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition Coaching. Truly feel and look your best.  Perform at a higher level in every aspect of your life by feeling and looking your best.

Recipes, Healthy and Delicious Food Guides

Food Guides, healthy cooking classes and training and amazing recipes.

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Skin Care, Relaxation Sessions and Grooming

Looking your best enables you to perform your best, look youthful and feel better about yourself.  Our estheticians will improve your skin, relax the body and help you look younger.

Excercise Coaching

Motivation, accountability and strategies to help improve mobility, stay healthier and performance.  Our team can increase the effectiveness of your exercise regime and coach you to be your best and life a better life. Boosting your capabilities at the gym, office and the home.

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Relaxation Session

Stress Plus Rest equals Growth. At Dark Horse Wellness, massage is utilized to relax the mind and body enabling rest and recovery.

Financial, Life and Relationship Coaching

Outdoor Relaxation
Self Defense Training

Dark Horse Self Defense

Protect What is Yours. Learn techniques and strategies to say safe, situational awareness, defend yourself, family and property and avoid confrontation. One-one sessions, classes and expert panels.

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